Here we go again!

Guild Drama. Most of us have seen it, most of us have been part of it, and a lot of us have had to fix it.

But what do you do when most of your guild is sectioned into smaller groups. It’s like high school all over again.

Currently our guild is suffering from “The officers do nothing and don’t help us, but I’m not going to talk to them about it, I’m going to talk to all my friends, who aren’t officers and then expect something to magically happen!”

As an officer, what do I do in this situation? People are assuming that we don’t care. And for some reason are not approaching us when they need help with, well,Β anything!

I’m currently trying to push the use of our guild website a little bit more, as I find it a more structured environment than FaceBook, for this kind of thing. However it’s always the same people frequenting the forums. There are literally 5 of us, out of a guild of about 250+ members, that are currently talking about the steps to take to fix this lack of communication within our guild.

What I seem to think is the major culprit of the hostility towards the officers is the raiding. It’s something I’m yet to bring up in as many words, because I don’t particularly see that stirring the pot has any benefit to any one. However what do we do? In cataclysm, I was the raid leader of the second raid team, one that cycled through members constantly, for many different reasons, weren’t progressing fast enough, people’s internet connections making it hell for the rest of us, personal issues flowing into the raid environment, and non-committal from a lot of my raiders.

The other raid team had a steady roster that cleared content every week. When there are two ten man raid teams, this seems to be something that happens quite often.

Currently we have 1 steady raid team, it just happens to be the one that I’m a part of (after making a decision at the end of cataclysm to give up raid leading and go back to main tanking). This team consists of people who work their asses off in the short time we have to raid (casual/social guild) and clear at a nice pace.

However the second raid team that started before us, pushed hard and fast, and fell apart. They had a big raid group blow out in december, and nothing has happened since. Then there was suddenly a third group of people around December as well, that wanted to start a third raid team. At this point you’re probably wondering why we’re not running 25mans, instead of three 10 mans.

The reason for this is that currently, we can’t even field two full 10 mans. And for some reason the majority of the guild seem to think this is the officers fault.

But my question is, how can the officers help you build your raid team back up, if even when asked, you don’t tell us what you need to fill your ranks?

How can the officers help with anything, if we’re never made aware that there are problems?

I’m at a loss. And the forum post is just the same five people going round and round in circles.

My question is to you fellow bloggers, if you’ve ever experience these issues, or any similar, let me know! I’d be interested in seeing how other people deal with the issues that surround guilds! Otherwise I might just have to climb up a tree and be in permanent /facepalm




  1. Lorelei

    It’s so tricky when you end up in these sort situations. I don’t think there’s a perfect fix for it out there but I do think you’re on to something about the need for comunication. Have you guys tried a sit down where your officers can talk to the raid team over vent/mumble/teamspeek? Then you could discuss the situation together and see what is neede to get them back on their feet.

    I wish you the best of luck and hope that you don’t have to climb up in a tree. πŸ™‚

  2. Jod

    Just found this blog and been perusing some of the posts when I came across this 1.

    I’ve been where you are, when everyone wants everything and you end up with the same 5 discussing options and those complainers still complaining without actually contributing to a fix. Its hard to go one way or the other but you need to find something that keeps your current main raid going and the majority of the guild happy. If there is no-one, officer or other member that is willing to step up and truly work at making a second run work then its time to abandon the idea of 2 seperate groups and maybe think of rotating some players in/out of the first group on a weekly basis.

    Having run 3 raids groups in Wrath, and 2 in Cata where only 1 puts in the effort I can assure you its a very big relief to let the raid groups that don’t work fizzle out .. even if in the long run it may cost you a guild member or 2. In the end officers can advise, cajole and try and help (including recruiting) but its up to those wanting to raid to make a raid team work properly.

    Anyway know that you aren’t alone, but there is no easy fix πŸ™‚

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