WoW vs. Real Places: part two.

So here we are again, I have literally been googling the crap out of this stuff! It’s so much fun!

First up we have… the Jade Forest Arboretum!


Excuse the sleeping panda, I tried everything to get him to move, but you know pandas. We love to sleep!! 🙂

arboretum real

This is a photo taken in Tatton Park Gardens in the UK. The bridge with the little hut on the island in the middle was strikingly familiar! I’m very happy I found this! It’s like walking into the arboretum… not where is my cloud serpent!

Next up we have…

The stormstout Brewery!!!



I love this place. I have spent countless hours running around it, it’s so intricately detailed. Plus you know… beer!! Woo!!



This is Byodo-In Temple in the Valley of the temples, in Oahu, Hawaii (funny huh?) I saw this and instantly thought stormstout! Surrounded by water, brightly colored! I just want to go see if there’s any beer monsters in there! 🙂

I’m really enjoying this for everyone, so I do hope you keep reading. Next post will be a normal type one. Please don’t forget to pat your tanks, we like a scratch behind the ears! 😉

~Fat Furry Tank


One comment

  1. Spencer Nozell

    I love the Jade Forest Zone, it always takes my breath away and I am really amazed at the new style of the building’s architecture it’s a welcome change from the Western Fantasy homes and structures.

    Where did you find all those real life photos?

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