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Righteous Raid Leaders.

Hello all! I’m back from my over seas adventuring and have walked straight into some more drama!

The life of a guild officer. 

Currently our guild has two 10 man raid teams running, it has been this way since Cataclysm, there always seems to be one team that runs into quite a lot of issues with regards to retaining members. The issue this time is of a different ilk all together. 

From my personal experience as a raid leader, the role is to research fights, make the calls during the fight, keep every body cool if tensions start to get out of hand, and to talk to people if they seem to be having trouble with regards to gearing/gemming/chanting/reforging.

I do not believe that it is a raid leaders job to point fingers and publicly (via guild forums) tell each member of their raid team what they are doing wrong according to his opinions. 

This is the issue we have run into. A Righteous Raid leader (RRL). He seems to think that his way of playing is all that matters, and as such has gone to the forums and highlighted each person problem withing a public medium. 

The raid leader of my team, will talk to you privately, and talk through the decisions you’ve made before flat out telling you they’re wrong. A raid leader does better by listening to their raiders and their reasons for picking the gear and enhancements of said gear before picking them apart. 

As such we have a great team, and one team that is not in a very good position. And to top it off, said RRL has now issued an ultimatum (after putting the team on hiatus for 2 weeks) saying that if these people don’t change to what he believes is the correct way to do things, he will leave. Keep in mind he is asking casual raiders, to do what hardcore raiders do. According to him “Not having the time or gold” to have the money or do the dailies to get the money to pay for the expensive weapon enchants or gear upgrades is not good enough. If your raiders are having trouble with current content, then back step. It’s not an admittance of failure, it’s listening and knowing your raid team well enough to know that they’re not ready. 

The whole point of our guild is to foster a fun, happy environment to be in. If you have a raid spot, you should feel comfortable in that spot, and not fear the constant reprisal from your Raid leader. I’ve hard core raided, I know what it feels like to spend every minute of every day trying to better your gear just so you can hold onto your spot and not get removed from the raid team. 

I’m not quite sure what myself and the other officers are going to do about this, nor am I sure how we would approach it, however it can’t continue on like this.

Anyhow, it’s good to be back! Hope you’ve all been well! 🙂

~Fat Furry Tank


Hordely an Alliance…

Ha.. play on words…

Recently I read a post on a blog called “Be MOP” (go forth a read this blog, it’s awesome) Regarding whether or not there can be peace on Azeroth. It brought to light some of my own feelings, especially given my faction change at the end of Wrath from Horde to Alliance (to play with friends… I miss my Taurens so much)

As I type, the war in Pandaria rages on. Horde and Alliance fighting along the beach front of Krasarang wilds, each one trying to gain as many resources as possible to aid in their war effort. This is nothing new, we have seen this before, even without the quest lines to play it out for us. I remember my first foray into Ashenvale and coming across the Warsong Lumber Camp. There were no quests here for me, but it still intrigued me. It was gritty, and filled with orc peons (haha peons…) wandering around gathering lumber. But what for?

I guess the thing that jumps to my mind is that the leader of the Horde is not a king, a prime minister, or… I dunno… a Tsar! They’re a warchief. So as far as the Horde is concerned, they’re always preparing for war, whether there be one or not. It is the essence of the Horde. To fight. The original Horde arrived in Azeroth, tainted with demon’s blood and hungry for battle. So it goes without saying that the two factions will never truly live in peace, the sins of the fathers and such.

However the tenuous relationship between the Tauren’s and the Horde is becoming more and more strained. The tauren’s are indebted to the Horde for helping them drive back the centaur and reclaim the plains of Mulgore, however when Garrosh killed Cairne, the anger and betrayal that ripped through the Tauren’s was horrific. Garrosh caused the rift to begin with, by heeding Magatha Grimtotem’s offer of ‘help’, thereby allowing her to strike the fatal blow, through Garrosh’s hands. With Cairne dead, Magatha then attacked Tauren towns and destroyed them, hoping to kill Baine at the same time.

Some may say that Garrosh atoned for that by refusing to aid Magatha in her defense of Thunder Bluff when Baine launched his assault on it to take it back, however he also did not offer any aid to Baine, even though it was Garrosh’s hand and actions that brought this upon the Tauren.

I’m getting a touch off track here.

It just seems that this expansion is not just about the war between the two factions, but also the tenuous relationships that hold them together. Everyone knows Garrosh has to go… it’s pretty much inevitable. He’s a warmongering, blood thirsty leader and as such is leading his Horde the same way that they were lead by Blackhand (although under the influence and power of Gul’dan) he wants war. He wants to own everything. He is ruthless in his onslaught, seeking out anything and everything that can aid him in his conquest of the alliance, Azeroth, and now Pandaria.


Then we have the Alliance. All bright n shiny! Ooooo shiny…

Even they’re having their fair share of in house arguments at this time. I have just finished my shieldwall quests and the story the evolved from those was a very engaging one. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Seeing the change in Varian, brought about in part by Anduin, has been interesting. This then follows to the change in Jaina Proudmoore. Normally so collected, and calm… the betrayal from within her own Kirin’Tor by the Sunreavers has all but left her, what appears to be, a little mad. I can’t say as much on this point as I am yet to read “Tides of War” but it’s almost like she’s finally let the anger, and rage that has been following her around since her childhood, and then early adulthood regarding Arthas/The Lich King, then the destruction of her home Theramore has gotten the better of her.

******SPOILER ALERT******

There is a questline within Shieldwall that takes you to Darnassus. It is here that you learn the Divine Bell that the Alliance (you) had found and then had spirited away, was in fact being housed and protected in the Elven City. However it has been taken. You follow Jaina on a tracking mission only to come across a portal to Dalaran. In that instance Jaina seems to snap. She realizes that people from within the Kirin’Tor (the Sunreavers) were behind the theft, and thus have been enfolded into the Horde. She goes on the warpath back in Dalaran, and sends you to kill high ranking Sunreaver’s throughout the Magic City.

All through the last part of this quest line, Jaina is disregarding everything Varian is saying to her. In essence she is operation on her own, not heeding any advice from anyone. The once stalwart, impartial Mage, she is now a woman scorned, mobilizing her Kirin’Tor against the horde. Varian is not pleased with this, he believes that everyone needs to stick together, as is the meaning of “Alliance” her parting words to him were “Don’t go soft on me Varian.”


I believe Varian is trying to be better, because it’s what Anduin is hoping for. Anduin doesn’t want any harm brought to Pandaria (too late little man!!) and as such, Varian is trying his hardest to protect those he loves and cares about, including his people, without resorting to the type of viciousness and brutality that Garrosh enjoys. However it’s causing a rift between him and the other governing bodies of the Alliance. There’s another quest line that involves a Sha Touched Claw (not the one from the Sha of Anger) When it is brought before the leaders of the Alliance, most of them want to study it, to try and harness it’s power to use against the Horde. Varian asks Anduin (Wait what?!) if he thinks this is a wise move. Anduin disagrees, stating that the dark sha power is too unpredictable and should be destroyed… So Varian destroys it.

In an effort to please his son, and an attempt to be less brutal, he is in turn creating tension between himself and the others. So peace on Azeroth… I don’t see it coming any time soon. I believe that if there is a tenuous peace between the Horde and Alliance, it would only be because they are too busy fighting among themselves. For this is what is happening, from my perspective, right now.

Ahh may the mists guide you…

~Fat Furry Tank

Exalted you say?

“To ask why we fight, is to ask why the leaves fall… it is in their nature” – Chen Stormstout.

So I spent the last ten or so minutes before I went to bed last night, re-watching all the WoW cinematics. I still love them all. The Monologue that runs behind the Wrath of the Lich King trailer, spoken by Terenas Menathil, always makes me shiver. Blizzard do have a flair for the dramatic when it comes to cinematics. And Deathwings little spiel in his cinematic was just fantabulous!

“Pain… Agony… My hatred burns through the cavernous deeps. The world heaves with my torment, it’s retched kingdoms quake beneath my rage. But at last, the whole of Azeroth will break, and all will burn beneath the shadow of my wings.”

However, I found that Chen Stormstouts words in the Mists of Pandaria cinematic release to be very inspiring. I still remember the first time I saw the camera pan up over the top of Chen, and sweep over the valley in the Jade Forrest, revealing the landscape. I got goosebumps!! (damn straight, and I aint afraid to admit it haha!) I love WoW lore, I love new areas, and I love exploring. The landscape in Mists still has me pausing to take screenshots when I see certain things, or find things that I haven’t found before. And that’s part of the reason I love this game so much. You can sink hours of time into the things you’re “supposed” to do, but slow down sometimes, take a ride on your flying mount, and just look around. It’s. Beautiful.

So anyway, enough of the fluff! Hehe fluff…

I finally finally   hit exalted with the Shado-Pan this week. I got a bit lax with my dailies at one point and really steered away from doing them. In the back of my mind there’s a tiny little panda version of myself dancing around laughing and poking me with a polearm saying “If you’d just done them all, you’d be finished with them!” and I keep throwing beer scented bamboo at it to make it go away!

Regardless of my laziness, it felt good to hit exalted. Got myself some cool armored tigers that my alts can ride around on and look all important and such! Even though every man and his dog on my server has them already! I do like the feeling of accomplishment when I hit exalted with a faction. When I feel like dailies are sucking my soul out, I just remind myself of rep grinding in vanilla, and having to collect things for the argent dawn, and run Stratholme ALOT to raise that rep. I never did finish. Dailies are a nice way to rep grind, sort of. I just wish that there was some way that blizzard could tool it so that the mobs you kill for the dailies grant you rep. Although then people would pick them up and just keep their in quest log while they farmed rep I suppose, so that would be out of the question. I often speculate on these things, and then realize later on that someone, somewhere, would find some way to exploit it. I do not envy Blizzard their job, that’s for sure.

The other bonus of hitting exalted… my replica shado-pan hat! I’ve never been so excited for an item before in my life. I hearthed back to the Shrine, and went straight to the Transmogrifier and got all up in that hat! I feel like a ninja panda now. Although how a fat panda can be stealthy is BEYOND me!


Look at me in my ninja hat and riding my armored tiger!! WOO!!!

On a side note, my raid team did it’s last turn in Mogu’Shan Vaults, and we will now be spending our nights in Heart of Fear. Hopefully not beating our faces against Blade Lord Ta’yak for much longer! This is the current fight that I find I’m having issues with. I don’t know whether to stack a little bit more stamina. But once again, that would mean sacrificing some of my avoidance stats. And I don’t feel as though I’m being hit hard, like I was in Will of the Emperor. Last week I missed a cool down on an overlap of overwhelming strike and got insta-killed. Never a fun moment. In my defense… no… wait… I have nothing. It was purely my fault. I admitted that, and we moved on. We got him to 7%… stupid whirlwinds. The raid damage that’s pumped out during the run up and down that hall is ridiculous. The tornadoes are stupid too! On my screen, I’ll have missed one completely, be a good distance away when I start shifting for the next one, and get caught in the previous one that I thought I’d avoided! It’s very frustrating. Not that my tanking dps really has that much benefit on that last phase, but every little bit helps. It’s all learning though! 

So hopefully this week, being fresh into HoF, without having spent any time in MSV, will have us focused and we’ll get things done! I love downing new bosses…

Fat Furry Tank… OUT!

Remember, feed your furry tanks… they like it. 😉